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Appointment – Mr Jannie de Villiers

Appointment – Mr Jannie de Villiers

Dear Parents and Members of the Oakhill School Community,

The Oakhill School Board wishes to update you on the appointment of a new Head of School for Oakhill.

As communicated in our email of 19 July 2016 the HR committee of the Board undertook a rigorous process to find a suitable new Head. The committee co-opted additional members to ensure that it had a fair representation and more importantly that it could call on the best available expertise to assist in this task.

We are pleased to advise that there were 47 candidates with a reasonable split of male and female applicants. The committee was able to shortlist the group to eight applicants and then to a further four for final interviews. The interview process has been completed and the committee made a unanimous recommendation to the Board after its deliberations.

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Jannie de Villiers as Head of School.

De Villiers family (Copy)

Jannie has an outstanding breadth of experience in the educational field which has allowed him to develop a multifaceted set of skills which will stand him in good stead at Oakhill. Jannie is currently at Bishops Diocesan College where he, amongst other functions, is the Senior Boarding House Director, teaches and is a sports coach. In addition he serves on many of the committees, task teams and management group at Bishops.

The Board is of the opinion that Jannie will bring a set of skills, experience and an energy level to the School which will help to take us on the exciting path forward and that he will fit in well within the team, the school culture and the town.

While Jannie will spend some time with Shane before the end of 2016 he will officially start at Oakhill in January 2017.

We wish Jannie every success in the new endeavour and the Board will assist him closely as we make the transition between Shane and Jannie.

Kind regards,

Richard Foyn
Board Chairman

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