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Another Joyful Meet and Greet

Another Joyful Meet and Greet

On Wednesday evening and as part of the Oakhill “Back to School “ programme, parents gathered in classrooms as teachers shared and touched on programmes for the year and then it was down to the quad to enjoy some social banter and delicious burgers, prepared with love by a group of industrious Dads and Moms. There was live music and lots of chatter and laughter, a wonderful way for existing families to engage with, and welcome the many new faces that have joined the Oakhill Family in 2013.

On Thursday evening, Little Oaks’ families gathered for a similar experience and whilst the little ones played in the garden under the watchful eyes of the teachers’ assistants, Dads and Moms engaged with teachers in classrooms, learning the ropes and plotting and planning for the year ahead. Then it was time to sit outdoors on picnic blankets, unpack the treats and enjoy some friendly chatter.

Report: Barbie Leibbrandt

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