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Grade 6 Class Elections

Grade 6 Class Elections

With the upcoming elections drawing near, Rodney Anderson (Grade 6 Social Science Educator) took the opportunity to teach the Grade 6 class about the South African election process. Each student was given the chance to put together their own manifesto and “Political School Party”. Each class then voted for the two most popular ideas and these candidates went against each other in an election where the rest of the Intermediate Phase (grade 4 to grade 7) went to the polls to vote for the four successful candidates. The Ballot paper was designed by Sebastian Cook and the whole process was manned by Mr Anderson and a few grade 6 volunteers. The votes were counted and audited by Mr Anderson and four grade 6 witnesses. Thank you to those children who volunteered and took the time to assist in this learning opportunity. The results of the elections were as follows:

  • Total Turnout: 94,6%
  • Spoiled votes: 16.1%

Candidates were drawn prior to the election. The parties were: OSRC (Oakhill Students Representative Council) lead by Savanna Fietze, OSWAC (Oakhill Students With A Conscience) lead by Hannah Verrier, TOV (The Oakhill Voice) lead by Georgina Palmer and UYV (Use Your Voice) lead by Sophia Trollip.

All candidates had very well prepared speeches, colourful posters and even websites. The exercise in understanding the process of democracy was a huge success and the outcome was OSWAC winning the election. Congratulations to Hannah Verrier, she will lead the delegation (made up of all the party leaders) who will have an audience with Mr Kidwell and Mr Cross next term. The delegation will have the opportunity to put forward their combined ideas, their requests and suggestions.

Well done to all candidates on a free and fair election.

Hannah Verrier of TOV (The Oakhill Voice)

Sophia Trollip of UYV (Use Your Voice)

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