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Support Unit

Support Unit

Oakhill is committed to helping all students achieve academic success. As part of this commitment, the Academic Support Programme at the school provides support and intervention within the classroom during school hours. Private remedial lessons and small group intervention at an extra cost is available daily after school.

The academic performance of students at Oakhill is closely monitored by teachers. Any student experiencing academic difficulties may be considered for the Academic Support Programme.

Depending on the needs of the students, the academic support sessions will focus on:

  • Identification of specific areas of difficulty where assistance is needed
  • Clearly defined expectations and goals for each student
  • The use of diverse and effective learning strategies
  • On-going assessments that will allow us to follow the students’ progress
  • Structured, follow-on lessons that will ensure the development of the necessary skills and learning habits

The Support Unit’s ultimate goal is to facilitate a learning environment where the students can begin to take control of their academic destiny. The focus is on all students, those requiring remedial attention, those who are cruising and need a push to reach higher levels, and those who are performing well and require academic extension.

Parents are encouraged to be as involved as possible with their children’s education. They will be notified of any potential problem areas and the progress and behavior of learners will be closely supervised and monitored.


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