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Letters from Old Oaks

Letters from Old Oaks

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Hi Shane

I trust you have been away with your family and have spent quality time with them – last term was unbelievably busy!

I want to share with you our holiday experience with youngest son (and old Oakhillian!),  Carl . He experienced his own Odyssey on the Cape Epic. Every day we were able to follow his journey closely as he was partnered by journalist and cyclist, Nic Lamond. Nic recorded their experiences every day in his Cape Times column, but also wrote a daily blog. It was an incredible opportunity for both Carl and Nic; Nic being the experienced older mentor, and Carl, the young daring energy behind the team. They pulled each other through some of the grueling weather conditions, terrain and physical conditions.

If you have time, have a look at Nic’s blog, in particular, the one for the last day – the finish line. It is very moving – and the writing is good!

The blog site is

Enjoy the last days and a blessed Easter to you and the family.



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