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Knysna Santa Box

Knysna Santa Box

It’s the time of year for our annual whole school charity drive and the spirit of giving again!

Last year we donated well over 500 boxes to the Santa Shoebox project and Oakhill was the largest contributor in the area. Many of the local coordinators of the project are parents at Oakhill or friends of Oakhill within the community.  The school has been approached in a slightly different capacity this year in that the coordinators have, with Santa Shoebox agreement, requested to keep Knysna’s initiative completely local and named – Knysna Santa Box.  The motivation for this is that they would like all boxes initiated in Knysna to be gifted to Knysna schools.  They are keeping the same principles, with the children’s details shared, as well as the list of items to purchase.  The schools they will be covering, in addition to the Dorothy Broster Children’s Home, are:

  • Santa-Shoebox-2016Concordia Primary
  • Harkerville Primary
  • Homtini Community
  • Immanuel Ministries
  • Karatara Primary
  • Redlands Primary
  • Rheenendal Primary
  • Hornlee Primary
  • Little Stars
  • Diepwalle Creche

The Oakhill contacts to collect your labels from and to deliver the boxes to are:

  • Caroline Cross – Little Oaks
  • Beatrix Hardick – Prep School
  • Louise Fourie, Interact and House Mentors – College

If you don’t have an empty shoebox at home we suggest that you go and ask clothing stores in town if they have any empty boxes, OR visit “Wrap it” and buy a box from them. There are also other creative ways to pack your gifts, for instance in a backpack. IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Please do not use gift bags.  Please make sure that the gift can be opened without damaging the wrapping as all gifts have to be security checked.

Your Knysna Santa Box must please be back at school before Friday, 3 November 2017. If you require further time, the latest we can receive boxes is Friday, 10 November, when we hand over all the boxes to Knsyna Santa Box representatives. 

We appreciate your willingness to be part of this initiative.


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